Bloomberg Philanthropies City Data Alliance

Posted: November 17, 2022


Grantor: Bloomberg Philanthropies

Additional Information

The Bloomberg Philanthropies City Data Alliance will identify the 100 mayors across North, Central, and South America who are the most sophisticated, ambitious, and advanced at harnessing data, and help them use data to power better results for residents. The City Data Alliance will help mayors:

  • Become ever more confident consumers and users of data to understand progress and challenges;
  • Leverage data to enhance equity, performance, and other key goals through foundational city processes like HR, procurement, and budgeting;
  • Engage residents around data that matters in their lives; and
  • Deliver high impact services.

Participating mayors will receive a six-month acceleration program including executive education and individualized city coaching and consultation, as well as an up-to 12-month investment to improve a critical data practice.

To Apply

Please complete this brief form to receive an application packet by email, and access live support and resources. As a reminder, we will be accepting applications and identifying finalists on a rolling basis until we select a group of exceptional cities, so we encourage you to apply now for the program, which starts in April 2023.

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