Community-Built Playspace Grants (rolling deadline)

Posted: November 29, 2021


Grantor: KABOOM!

Additional Information

*Opportunities for Community-Built Playspace grants are specific to certain cities or metropolitan areas within the United States. In Georgia, KABOOM! is currently seeking applications from the Greater Atlanta area only on a rolling basis.

Our Community-Built Playspace grants are a partnership between your community, one of our dedicated funding partners, and KABOOM!.

As a Community Partner, you'll lead a process that will center your community's voices — both kids and adults — to design, plan, and build a new playspace using our signature community-build model.

Depending on your community's needs, available space on your property, and available funding, KABOOM! offers three different types of playspaces. Once you've submitted an application, KABOOM! will evaluate your eligibility for the different types, and begin a conversation with you to determine which playspace is best for your community's kids.

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