Community Policing Development (CPD) Program

Posted: February 5, 2020

Deadline: April 14, 2020

Grantor: U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ)

Additional Information
The Fiscal Year 2020 Community Policing Development (CPD) program funds are used to develop the capacity of law enforcement to implement community policing strategies by providing guidance on promising practices through the development and testing of innovative strate­gies; building knowledge about effective practices and outcomes; and supporting new, creative approaches to preventing crime and promoting safe communities.

The 2020 CPD program will fund projects that:
  • Develop knowledge
  • Increase awareness of effective community policing strategies
  • Increase the skills and abilities of law enforcement and community partners
  • Increase the number of law enforcement agencies and relevant stakeholders using proven community policing practices
  • Institutionalize community policing practice in routine business.
Up to $5.6 million is available through this year’s program, and all awards are subject to the availability of appropriated funds and any modifications or additional requirements that may be imposed by law. Each award is two years in length. There is no local match.

The 2020 CPD program will fund projects related to the following topic areas:
  • Law Enforcement Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation Program Toolkit
  • Recruiting the Next Generation of Officers and Deputies
  • Promising Practices in Law Enforcement Victim Support
  • Rural Law Enforcement Training Center
  • Managing High-Risk Law Enforcement Vehicular Pursuits
  • Implementing Successful Faith-Based Partnerships
  • Police Academy Innovations
  • Public Safety Implications of Driving Automation Systems for Motor Vehicles
  • Open Category
This solicitation is open to all public governmental agencies, federally recognized Indian tribes, for-profit (commercial) organizations, nonprofit organizations, institutions of higher education, community groups, and faith-based organizations.

Program Contact
If you have specific questions on any program or technical aspect of the solicitation, please contact the COPS Office Response Center at or (800) 421-6770.

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