National Recreation and Visitor Services Program

Posted: December 3, 2021

Deadline: February 1, 2022

Grantor: Bureau of Land Management

Additional Information

The BLM’s Headquarters (HQ) National Recreation and Visitor Services Program oversees a broad and complex set of recreation related programs, which provide a multitude of recreation opportunities and experiences. These recreation resources and visitor services support strong local economies and public land conservation.

The BLM HQ has an opportunity to work with partner organizations to assist with projects affecting national level work across State boundaries for the following:

  • encourage, facilitate, and improve partnership with and access for youth, tribes and underserved communities to public lands;
  • improve climate resiliency on public lands while enhancing outdoor recreational opportunities and activities; 
  • improve public health and safety at developed recreation sites and areas by updating and modernizing infrastructure—including meeting accessibility standards for people with disabilities; 
  • invite increased recreational access for all Americans, especially for diverse populations and those near urban areas to encourage enjoyment of BLM-managed public lands and waters;
  • enhance and increase responsible recreation messaging;
  • protect and enhance BLMs multiple-use and National Landscape Conservation System values consistent with their designations;
  • enhance collaboration between federal agencies to communicate and educate users and visitors;
  • increase public participation in education and training opportunities;
  • disseminate information about management designations and their values to a wider audience, leading to a stronger conservation ethic and supporting capacity-building.

Please review full details here: DOI-BLM-Full-FOA-L22AS00085.pdf


Bob Swithers, District Manager for Southeastern States

Phone: (601) 919-4656


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