US DOE Better Buildings Challenge

Posted: May 3, 2022


Grantor: U.S. Department of Energy

Additional Information

The Better Buildings Challenge is a voluntary leadership initiative that asks leading CEOs and executives of U.S. commercial and manufacturing companies, universities, school districts, multifamily residential organizations, data centers, and state and local governments to make a public commitment to energy efficiency.

What does an organization commit to? Partners commit to:

  • Publicly pledge to improve energy intensity of the entire U.S. portfolio by at least 20% within 10 years announce, initiate, and complete at least one showcase project and one implementation model.
  • Publicly announce an initial showcase project (e.g., retrofit, retro commissioning) within 6 months and initiate the project within 12 months.
  • Announce the use of one or more energy efficiency implementation models within 6 months.
  • Make available portfolio-wide, building level energy performance information within 12 months and track progress on an annual basis.

U.S. Department of Energy agrees to:

  • Provide expert technical assistance and energy efficiency solution development assistance
  • Connect partners with a network of allies (including financial organizations) that can help them achieve their energy savings pledges
  • Publicly recognize partners for achieving energy and cost savings and applying innovative energy efficiency solutions.

Eligible Partners

Partners are commercial businesses, industrial corporations, data centers, universities, states, municipalities, and other building owners that make a public commitment to reduce energy consumption across their U.S. portfolios. Some cities also work with local businesses to assess opportunities and take action.

If your organization is interested in joining, please send an email to There is not stated deadline.

Read the full FAQs here:

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