Grant Tip of the Week

Every Tuesday, at the end of each Cities Connect Call, a member of the GMA Research Team will share a grant tip – prompting your city to think about or act on a key step in the grant writing and administration process. This may also be a reminder about an upcoming deadline or an idea to get your city thinking.

Grant Tip of the Week is part of a broader initiative by GMA to better support cities looking to apply for state, federal or other grants.

The slides from the Cities Connect Call will be uploaded to this page weekly.

Slides: Grant Tips of the Week

🔍 Tip 1 (2/28/23): Check your SAM registration and UEI number. Article: How can I find out if an entity is registered in 

🔍 Tip 2 (3/7/23): Check your and accounts. Article: How to Create a Account and Link to a Account 

🔍 Tip 3 (3/21/23): Use GMA’s Four Seasons of Grants Calendar to monitor and make plans to apply for grant opportunities year-round. 

⚠️ Tip 4 (3/28/23): Get ready to file your Annual ARPA P&E Report

⚠️ Tip 5 (4/4/23): Grants for Law Enforcement now available. 

🔍 Tip 6 (4/11/23): Take advantage of opportunities to do a grant debrief. 

🔍 Tip 7 (4/18/23): You’re ready to submit your application, but do you know where

🔍 Tip 8 (4/25/23): Form intentional partnerships for your grant application.

🔍 Tip 9 (5/2/23): Fit a grant to an existing project or need, not the other way around.

🔍 Tip 10 (5/9/23): Consider “Congressional Appropriations Requests” as another potential source of funding.

⚠️Tip 11 (5/16/23): Take advantage of funding to improve roadway safety and reduce fatalities through the US DOT Safe Streets 4 All Program.

🔍 Tip 12 (5/23/23): Find technical assistance opportunities with GMA’s new resource.

🔍 Tip 13 (5/30/23): When it comes to grants, rely on your planning and organization to reduce anxiety and build your path for success. 

🔍 Tip 14 (6/6/23): Take hints and inspiration from past awards.

🔍 Tip 15 (6/13/23): Good teamwork starts with a good team.

🔍 Tip 16 (7/11/23): Sign up for the GMA Grant Newsletter to receive a round-up of the latest grants.

🔍 Tip 17 (7/18/23): Register Now for GMA-GARC Grant Training!

🔍 Tip 18 (7/25/23): Put a human face on your project.

🔍 Tip 19 (8/1/23): Know your reporting requirements.



⚠️ = Upcoming deadline

🔍 = Important reminder or resource to check out