2020 Census Data is Here!

October 7, 2021

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In late August, the the 2020 Decennial Census numbers were released for all cities. You can access this information and a full list of resources. This data is also available on GMA's website and will be released in Easier to Use Formats on September 16, 2021.

Release Date for Easier-to-Use Formats for Redistricting Data

The 2020 Census counts indicate that Georgia’s municipal population grew by 25% since 2010, a significantly faster growth rate than the state of Georgia’s overall growth of 10.6% since 2010. The state did not experience growth rate sufficient to add a Congressional seat. The 2020 data show that Georgia’s population is becoming more urban and diverse, similar to nationwide trends.

Our Counts Are Not Right. What Is Our Recourse? 

The U.S. Census Bureau’s goal each decade is to produce complete and accurate census data. Counting everyone once, only once, and in the right place is a daunting challenge even under the best of circumstances. Despite facing a pandemic, natural disasters, and other unforeseen challenges, the 2020 Census results thus far are in line with overall benchmarks.    

In limited situations, governments who have questions about the data can utilize a process — the Count Question Resolution (CQR) Program — which gives tribal, state, and local elected officials an opportunity to request a review of their official 2020 Census counts. 

Key Dates: 2020 Census Count Question Resolution Program 

What to Consider if You Find an Unexpected Census Result 

While this program does not change the redistricting data, the Census Bureau can correct housing counts by block if we find errors, such as cases with a wrong geographic boundary or addresses inadvertently excluded during processing, which will include updated housing and population counts for each census block where there was a correction.  We will also update the census totals we use to build our population estimates each year.  

The Census Bureau plans to distribute an informational letter and flyer to the highest elected/appointed official of each eligible tribal, state, and local governmental unit on Dec. 1, 2021. The operation officially launches Jan. 3, 2022, running through June of 2023.  

2020 Census and Redistricting

The Georgia General Assembly will use the 2020 Census data to redraw Georgia’s legislative and congressional districts during a special session this fall. To learn more about the process of Legislative and Congressional redistricting in Georgia, check out this video by the Joint House and Senate Redistricting Office.

Census Data Contacts

For additional information about Census data, visit the Census website at Census.gov or reach out to the specialists below:

Monica Dukes, Data Dissemination Specialist



Anh Nguyen, Data Dissemination Specialist



For any data inquiries please contact the Census Data Dissemination and Training Branch:

1-844-ASK-DATA or 1-844-275-3282


Links and Resources

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Census Bureau Data Dissemination and Training Branch:  


Email: census.askdata@census.gov 

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