Count on Georgia Public Libraries as Partners for the 2020 Census

August 28, 2020

Georgia Public Library Service

Even before the onset of the current coronavirus pandemic, the 2020 Census was designed to take place primarily online, although many residents lack reliable home internet access. These challenges make Georgia's public libraries ideal partners for city officials to ensure a successful census count.

Please click here for a list of library systems that are open to the public as of August 19. All library systems, regardless of their opening status, are providing Wi-Fi internet access from their parking lots.
Libraries can

  • Provide free access to the internet and public computers. For some residents, it may be their only access to the online world.
  • Deliver information about the Census.
  • Serve as trusted messengers, including in hard-to-count communities.

According to the American Library Association, a public library is located within five miles of 99% of hard-to-count census tracts identified with the lowest response rates in 2010 - and 73% of the time a library is located within one mile. Please use this one-page handout to communicate how local elected officials and other community leaders can partner with libraries.
To find a library in or near your community, please access the directory of Georgia Public Library Directors and a searchable list of all 392 public library facilities in Georgia with addresses and other contact information. You may also email Wendy Cornelisen, Assistant State Librarian and member of the statewide Complete Count Committee, with questions regarding partnerships between your city and the Georgia Public Library Service.

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