Training Policies

October 8, 2014

Only elected officials and city managers/assistant city managers are eligible for Municipal Training Institute Certificates.
Municipal staff may register for Municipal Training Institute class. If space is limited, however, preference will be given to elected officials during pre-registration.
Only registered attendees may attend training class. No spouses / guests, please. If spouses / guests do attend training luncheons (in instances where extra lunches are available), there will be an additional fee to cover the cost of their meal.
Credit will only be given once for any class except for Retreats. Municipal elected officials and city/assistant city managers may receive  only up to 12 hours credit for retreats facilitated by the Carl Vinson Institute of Government.
To receive credit, a participant must attend the entire class. Anyone arriving more than 30 minutes after the class begins or leaving class early will not receive credit. Class completion forms must be provided to the instructor at the end of the class.
Participants must attend the training program for which they are registered. Switching classes can result in loss of credit.
Elected officials and city/assistant city managers who serve on Development Authority Boards and take the state mandated Development Authority Board Member Training through the University of Georgia may receive 6 hours of credit, provided they submit proof of attendance to GMA.
The Newly Elected Officials Institute is required by state law (Code 36-45-1). This course must be taken within the first twelve months of taking office. Typically the course is offered in February and/or March of each year, depending on the number of newly elected officials. If an elected official has served before and has been reelected, he/she must take the Newly Elected Officials Institute again IF they have been out of office for more than four years. Credit will not be given twice for this course, even if it is required.
An individual may request a transcript at any time during the year, or they may access their transcript on the GMA website.
Certificates are presented each year at Mayors’ Day and the Annual Convention.
Credit is not given for any class not included withinin the Harold F. Holtz Municipal Training Institute.

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