Association Management Services

The Georgia Municipal Association provides contractual support services to several municipal and professional associations. The contract with each association differs, depending on what services GMA is asked to provide. Services may include conference and meeting planning, membership database management, newsletter preparation and dissemination, records management, website management and general and financial administration.

Currently, GMA provides services to:

Georgia Association of Fire Chiefs

The purpose of this association is to support and improve statewide public safety and the general welfare of its members. For more information on the Georgia Association of Fire Chiefs (GAFC), contact Yalonde Tanner at

Georgia City Clerks and Finance Officers Association 

The Georgia Municipal Clerks and Finance Officers Association (GMC/FOA) is a professional association comprised of City Clerks and Finance Officers from all across Georgia. Founded in 1956  GMC/FOA has years of experience improving the professionalism and education of City Clerks and Finance Officers. GMC/FOA has grown to exceed 500 members representing small and large municipalities.
The purpose of GMC/FOA is to promote professionalism in the Office of the Clerk and Finance Officer by attending educational programs, exchanging experiences and methods of handling problems, and encouraging each other to find solutions to these problems.  For more information on GMC/FOA, please contact Janice Eidson at

Georgia City-County Management Association

The purposes of GCCMA are to improve the quality of local government in Georgia by supporting and encouraging professional local government management; to provide professional development programs and publications for local government professionals that improve their skills, increase their knowledge of local government, and strengthen their commitment to the values and ideas of professional management; and, to serve as the recognized affiliate organization of ICMA. 

Founded in the 1950s by a small group of managers interested in professional development, the GCCMA membership now includes city and county managers and administrators and directors of regional commissions, and their principal assistants. Several state agencies are represented among the membership, in addition to representatives of the Association County Commissioners of Georgia and the Georgia Municipal Association. 

For more information about the Georgia City-County Management Association, contact Erica Powell at

Georgia Downtown Association

The Georgia Downtown Association (GDA) promotes the economic redevelopment of Georgia's traditional downtowns. Through advocacy, education and marketing, GDA works to focus the public's attention on the value of downtown. GDA is an independent association that supports both public and private sector efforts targeted at enhancing Georgia's downtowns. For more information on GDA, contact Janice Eidson at


GMA Gas Section

The purpose of the Gas Section of the Georgia Municipal Association is to coordinate activities and assist municipally-owned natural gas systems in providing efficient, safe and economical service to their consumers. For more information on the GMA Gas Section, contact Yalonde Tanner a

Gwinnett Municipal Association

The Gwinnett Municipal Association (GwMA) is a 501c3 nonprofit organization created by the cities of Gwinnett County to help foster better cooperation among the cities of Gwinnett; to improve the understanding of the complex issues that cities face; and to provide for maximum efficiency and economy of taxpayer dollars. For more information on GwMA, contact Randy Meacham at

Metro Atlanta Mayors Association

The Metro Atlanta Mayors Association (MAMA), created in 2003, is a cooperative alliance of the mayors of 65 cities in the 10-county metro Atlanta region. Its purpose is to foster communications among cities in the metro Atlanta region, support public policy decisions beneficial to them, coordinate activities among the cities that benefit the entire region, and communicate identified needs to federal, state and regional agencies, organizations and the citizens of the region.

MAMA is committed to building strong and vibrant cities to preserve the quality of life in the metro Atlanta Region. For more information on MAMA, please contact Aileen Harris at

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