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Georgia City Solutions, Inc. (GCS) is a 501(c)(3) organization created by the Georgia Municipal Association in 2018 to establish and support new and innovative programs, solutions, and research aimed at building vibrant, economically prosperous, and well-managed cities and improving the quality of life of municipal residents in Georgia. GCS provides GMA with a tremendous tool which can attract funding to create and support a wide range of programs that will make a positive impact on the economic vitality and quality of life in cities and enhance the operation of municipal governments. Governed by a 12-member Board of Directors, GCS will pursue targeted initiatives to address five focus areas:
  • City youth advisory councils and other youth engagement activities
  • Workforce and business development to prevent brain drain, especially among youth
  • Promotion of careers in municipal government
  • Tools to eradicate blight and substandard housing
  • Programs to assist with mental and behavioral health issues

Target Categories
While the opportunities are seemingly endless, our goal as GCS begins its work is to focus on four categories:
  • Youth leadership development
  • Workforce and economic development (including municipal government workforce development)
  • Quality of life initiatives
  • Research and innovation

Proposed Initiatives
Some examples of proposed initiatives for the first 12-18 months include:
Grant program for establishing youth advisory councils, support for youth council symposiums, and annual awards program for youth advisory councils;
  • Community workforce development collaboration grants, statewide reading campaign, and municipal internship program;
  • Housing needs assessments, housing and redevelopment conference/ summit, and grants for crisis intervention team training
  • Establish a fund to support research initiatives, and an innovation grant and awards program.

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