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Diversity Dashboard

February 15, 2021

Engaging Local Government Leaders (ELGL)

The ELGL Diversity Dashboard is the first ever national data collection on the gender, race, age, and veteran status of local government employees. In 2018 & 2019, the survey collected this information for chief administrative officers and assistant chief administrative officers. In 2020, we expanded the survey to include all local government employees.

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GMA Offers Classes to Build Diverse, Equitable & Inclusive Communities

February 15, 2021

Freddie Broome, GMA’s director of diversity and inclusion, is leading the association’s efforts to equip cities to combat institutional and systematic racism, violence, acts of injustice, inequity and intolerance, and to foster healthy lines of communication that yield sustainable change.

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How Cities Handle Historic Monuments

February 15, 2021

As the largest social justice movement in U.S. history sweeps the country, Georgia’s cities face increasing demands to remove Confederate monuments that glorify an oppressive ideology.

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GMA & Georgia Trend Announce Winners of 2021 Visionary City Award

February 3, 2021

“If ever there was a time for unity and togetherness, it is now, and these nine cities have illustrated this unity through their visionary projects,” said GMA Executive Director Larry Hanson.

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Enabling Better Places: A Handbook for Improved Neighborhoods

February 2, 2021

AARP and Congress for the New Urbanism

Why are so few cities, towns and neighborhoods in the United States walkable? Why is it so difficult to find vibrant communities where people of all ages, incomes and backgrounds can live, work, shop and play?  The answer, in many locations, is that zoning codes and land use ordinances have made the creation of such places illegal.

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GMA Works for Georgia Cities

January 27, 2021

GMA Works for Georgia's Cities. These values represent a commitment the GMA staff is making to live by in our daily work. Watch the video to find out more. 

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The 15-Minute Neighborhood Gets its 15 Minutes of Fame

Public Square

January 26, 2021

Robert Steuteville, Congress for the New Urbanism

The subject of walkability is getting political attention, thanks to a catchy phrase.

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COVID-19 Update: Dr. Anthony Fauci Talks with Georgia’s Cities

January 25, 2021

In an interview with GMA’s Larry Hanson (Executive Director), Rusi Patel (General Counsel) and Kelli Bennett (Director of Communications), Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and the chief medical advisor to the President, shares an inside look into the COVID-19 vaccines, gives his professional opinion on when we can expect a return to normal and explains what local leaders can do to engage with and protect their communities.

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City of Dalton Stages COVID-19 Vaccination Site

January 21, 2021

In this short video, see how the Dalton, Whitfield County and the Health Department worked togehter to set up a satellite vaccination site for COVID-19 on January 18 and January 20 to supplement the Health Department's vaccination efforts.

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Reaping the Benefits of a Youth Commission

January 19, 2021

Sara Baxter

Savannah Mayor Van Johnson has worked with young people and led the Chatham County Youth Commission for more than 25 years. Here he shares some advice for other communities.

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Can Policy Interventions Reduce Inequality? Looking Beyond Test Scores for Evidence

January 13, 2021

William T. Grant Foundation

New research suggests that reducing the social isolation in which many low-income Black families live and their children attend school is a powerful strategy to address race-based intergenerational inequalities.

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If You Can’t Get Your Job Done, Is Underspending on IT Worth It?

CitySmart by VC3

January 8, 2021

Ashton Hollingsworth, Account Manager, Sophicity

Many towns and cities still underspend on information technology in order to save money. Or, at least they think they are saving money. In reality, the lack of IT investment impacts the work of municipal employees every day in small ways.

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To expand the economy, invest in Black businesses

January 7, 2021

The Brookings Institution

For the descendants of enslaved Africans in the United States, entrepreneurship represents more than just owning a business and pursuing the proverbial American Dream. Instead, the ability for Black people to participate in local, regional, and global markets represents a dream deferred by systemic racism and discrimination. Consequently, an analysis of Black business ownership can offer insight into the degree to which America is truly the land of opportunity.

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Engaging Youth When They are Out of School

December 18, 2020

Sara Baxter

If children are engaged and connected in quality afterschool and summer care, everybody wins.

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Downtown Developments: Tax Advantaged Incentives for Georgia Communities

December 14, 2020

By Andrew M. Ham, Managing Director of Urban Trust Capital (Urban Trust, LLC)

The challenge facing many public and private sector owners and developers in today’s economy is how to successfully finance a project in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.

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