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Distressed Communities Index Maps the Country's Economic Well-Being

November 5, 2020

Economic Innovation Group

A new data tool examines economic well-being at the zip code level in order to provide a detailed view of the divided landscape of American prosperity.

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Is Your Municipality’s IT Support Partnering or Reacting?

CitySmart by VC3

November 3, 2020

Eric Johansson, Network Infrastructure Consultant, Sophicity

Do you have an IT partner? Or an IT “reactor”? Because IT today is so crucial to municipal operations, towns and cities are shifting more and more toward hiring IT partners who ensure technology runs smoothly and protects them from threats.

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Grooming Future Leaders of Tomorrow

October 26, 2020

Sara Baxter

Youth in Dublin have a chance to learn about city government, participate in the court system and gain valuable job experience – all before they’re 18.

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Resources for Municipal Leaders to Help Ensure a Fair and Free Election

October 22, 2020

With early voting already underway for the 2020 Presidential Election, it’s critical that municipal leaders throughout the state have access to information that will help them provide and ensure a fair and free election in their communities. The resources listed below will help city leaders stay informed and aware during this time.

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Investing in a City Health District During the Pandemic

Public Square

October 19, 2020

Robert Steuteville, Congress for the New Urbanism

Memphis, Tennessee, shows the benefits of having community investment and social infrastructure, supported by philanthropy and institutions, in place during a pandemic.

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Downtown Developments: Businesses and Local Governments Adapt for the Future

October 12, 2020

By GMA’s Cindy Eidson and Chris Higdon

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Displaying Items 106-120 (of 676)