Cities Connect: Helping Current and Prospective Homeowners in Your Community

February 6, 2023

Welcome to Cities Connect, where we discuss issues that matter. This episode contains two presentations from representatives from the Georgia Department of Community Affairs, each of which highlights a program that could help residents in your community.

In the first presentation, Lindsey Brown discusses the DCA’s Georgia Mortgage Assistance Program, which provides relief to homeowners who suffered financial hardship due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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Next, we’re joined by Daniella Vargas, the bilingual Home Ownership Coordinator for the DCA’s Georgia Dream Program. Daniella details how the Georgia Dream Program provides affordable, low-cost mortgage loans, down payment assistance, and home buyer education to eligible home buyers.

Each of these programs are designed to help residents in your community, and we hope you share the information with citizens and local advocates to help spread awareness about these important services.

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