Cities Connect: Tools and Resources Available Through Trust for Public Land

May 11, 2023

Funding capital and operating costs for parks, trails, lands and schoolyards is an ongoing challenge for many local governments. With “must do” priorities like public safety often taking precedence, cities and counties often turn to voters to support improvements in outdoor recreation. Since 1996, Trust for Public Land has helped more than 650 local and state governments pass ballot measures to support funding for parks, land and related priorities, representing over $93 billion in new funding.    

This call features George Dusenbury, who heads the Southeastern regional office of Trust for Public Land, and serves as a Decatur City Commissioner and Pegeen Hanrahan, Southeastern Conservation Finance Director for Trust for Public Land, and a former Mayor of Gainesville, Florida. George and Pegeen discuss various ways that Trust for Public Land can assist your city. In addition to helping cities and counties gain voter approval for new funding, TPL assists with park, trail, and natural land acquisition; design, planning and activation; and is a national thought-leader on equitable park access.


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