Cities Connect: Work for Water with GRWA and your Regional Commission

May 16, 2024

Welcome to Cities Connect, where we discuss issues that matter. In this episode, representatives from the Georgia Rural Water Authority (GRWA) and Regional Commission share how their programs can support your systems succession plan and what next steps to take for sustainability while utilizing state resources.

Did you know that 50% of Water and Wastewater Operators are slated to retire in the next five years, and new operators currently entering this career field only make up 10% of the workforce? Your Water / Wastewater system is dependent on having licensed operators to continue providing clean water for public health and staying abreast of current and incoming regulations. The Georgia Rural Water Authority (GRWA) Work for Water and your area Regional Commission have opportunities to support career engagement, hiring, as well as all facets of the certification and licensing process, for one of your city’s most essential workforce members.

Amanda Willis, Georgia Rural Water Authority
Ronald Williams, Three Rivers Regional Commission

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