GMA 2020 Capital Needs Survey

January 14, 2020

Georgia Municipal Association

Each year, cities are faced with critical, escalating infrastructure needs and limited revenue sources to meet those needs. GMA’s policy priorities emphasize the need to preserve state and federal resources for infrastructure projects as well as to allow city officials to determine the best way to generate local revenues to complete these projects.

In 2017, GMA conducted a survey of cities to determine how much money they will need over the next five years to fund capital projects. Based on the response of 30 percent of our members, GMA projected the capital needs of cities from 2018-2022 to be approximately $11.2 billion.
In an effort to update this information and to assess cities’ capital needs for the upcoming five years (2020-2024), GMA is now asking for your help by responding to a brief survey accessible via this link. A PDF copy of the survey can be found here, but please use the online version to submit your data.

Please provide your responses by Wednesday, February 5, 2020.

Data gathered through this survey will be shared with state and federal leaders to empower them to make informed decisions about policies that impact revenues available for local infrastructure projects. Your information will be compiled into a report that GMA staff can share with state legislators and members of Congress as they debate the budget, tax reform, and infrastructure funding proposals. By documenting the capital needs of cities across the state, we can demonstrate exactly how much revenue cities need and how urgently these funds are needed.

Please contact Becky Taylor at 678-686-6276 or Holger Loewendorf at 678-686-6246 if you have any questions.

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