Meeting the Moment: Cities Increase Investments in Young People to Support Pandemic Recovery and Beyond

March 3, 2022

National League of Cities

Photo of teacher walking with students.

New survey results from the National League of Cities (NLC) find that mayors, city councilmembers, and other municipal leaders across the country overwhelmingly believe that afterschool and summer learning programs are important strategies to utilize as the nation continues on a path to pandemic recovery. Respondents say they are more likely to invest in these programs now than ever before.

NLC’s National Municipal Afterschool & Summer Learning survey captures the evolution of afterschool and summer learning programs in municipalities across the country over the course of the pandemic.  Findings underscore that, in a time of great hardship, city leaders believe afterschool and summer programs are more important than ever and are key assets in their communities to support children and youth.

Download the report for 8 key findings from the survey and 10 action steps for municipal leaders who seek to expand or improve their community’s afterschool and summer learning programs.

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