Certificate Requirements

With exception to the state mandated Newly Elected Officials Institute, the courses offered through the Municipal Training Institute are voluntary and offer city officials the opportunity to obtain additional training beyond what is required by state law. By completing this additional training, municipal elected officials and — beginning January 1, 2017 — city managers can earn a Certificate of Recognition, Certificate of Achievement, Certificate of Excellence, Certificate of Distinction and soon, the Certificate of Dedication.

Certificate of Recognition
Requires 42 hours of training, including at least 18 hours from the required
list and the Newly Elected Officials Institute. 

Certificate of Achievement
Requires 72 hours of training, including at least 36 hours from the required
list and the Newly Elected Officials Institute. 

Certificate of Excellence
Requires 120 hours of training, including at least 54 hours from the required
list, the Newly Elected Officials Institute and the Robert E. Knox, Jr. Municipal
Leadership Institute. 
Certificate of Distinction
Requires 204 hours of training, including at least 72 hours from the required
list, the Newly Elected Officials Institute, and the Robert E. Knox, Jr. Municipal 
Leadership Institute.

Certificate of Dedication
Requires 276 hours of training, including at least 108 hours from the required list, 18 hours of which must be from a new Advanced Leadership track, and the Robert E. Knox, Jr. Municipal Leadership Institute. After obtaining the Certificate of Dedication, officials must complete nine hours of continuing education each year to maintain the certificate.

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