Private Permitting Review and Inspection Act

This bill would allow applicants for construction or building permits to have the option of retaining a private professional for plan review and inspection of building projects at their own expense, should the local government determine they do not have the staffing capacity to complete the regulatory action within 30 days for plan review and within two business days for inspection services. If the applicant uses the private provider, the local governing authority will collect a reduced regulatory fee of 50%. 

The local government would be responsible for establishing a list of all regulatory fees and required documentation for a completed application. Within five business days of the local government receiving the application, the applicant must be notified if their submitted documentation meets the requirements for a complete application.
If a contractor uses a private professional provider, the contractor must have insurance of $1 million per claim for projects less than $5 million dollars and this bill increases the necessary insurance limits to $2 million per claim for any project with construction costs more than $5 million. 

This legislation would also change the erosion and sedimentation (E&S) law by requiring the Environmental Protection Division (EPD) director to certify a county or city as a local issuing authority for E&S permit reviews and issuance prior to the commencement of land-disturbing activities.


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