Peer to Peer Car Sharing

This bill would create definitions for :
  • Car-sharing delivery period;
  • Car-sharing period;
  • Car-sharing program agreement;
  • Car-sharing start time;
  • Car-sharing termination time;
  • Peer-to-peer car sharing;
  • Peer-to-peer car sharing program;
  • Shared vehicle;
  • Shared vehicle driver; and
  • Shared vehicle owner.
The bill would:
  • Set liability of the peer-to-peer program during the sharing period except in the event of misrepresentation by the vehicle owner
  • Set insurance coverage minimums as those outlined in OCGA 33-7-11;
  • Set program insurance as primary insurance during sharing period though allow vehicle owner and vehicle driver insurance to cover in any combination;
  • Establish indemnification of program while owner is in control of vehicle;
  • Establishes insurance providers discretion in coverage of peer-to-peer vehicles;
  • Set agreement mandates for programs, verification by programs of vehicle part recall issues, notification requirements and standards for drivers; and
  • Require sharing program to provide tracking equipment for sharing vehicles.

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