Creation of the Department of Mobility and Innovation

This comprehensive legislation would create a new Department of Mobility and Innovation (DMI) to provide transit and mobility throughout the state, including undertaking planning, finance, coordination and operations. The bill would create mobility zone councils to prepare regional transit plans. A Transit Link Division within the DMI would be created to coordinate state administered transit service. The DMI would be authorized to provide transit grants and loans to local governments, and the agency would administer all human, community developmental disability services transit in the state. 

The DMI would establish a three-year pilot program to subsidize transit for the underemployed and unemployed based on a rating metric, subject to appropriations. The State Road and Tollway Authority and the Atlanta-region Transit Link (ATL) Authority would be administratively assigned to the DMI. The legislation would create nine mobility zones within the state to coordinate transit services in each zone.  

The legislation provides greater flexibility to call for the levy of a transit tax by single counties outside nonattainment areas so long as the projects are approved by mobility zone councils in accordance with regional transit plans. 


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