Electric Scooter Industry Bill

This bill substantially undermines the language developed in good-faith negotiations between electric scooter industry representatives and members of GMA and ACCG enshrined in HB 454. 

Over a period of several weeks, more than 50 individuals representing cities, counties and electric scooter purveyors negotiated to establish a baseline for consideration by the General Assembly that would create definitions for electric scooters, rules of the road for both private and commercial use, limit liability and affirm local control where specific populations are being targeted.

SB 159 would: 
• Use certain provisions found in HB 454 to legitimize operations of electric scooters in the state; 
• Preempt local governments from regulating electric scooters on public college campuses located within their jurisdictions; 
• Exempt electric scooters from state parking requirements;
• Exempt electric scooter users from penalties for reckless and drunk driving;
• Mandate local governments contact the owner within 24 hours by certified mail and email when removal of a scooter is necessary and limit fees for removal to $20;
• Discourage “Good Samaritan” movement of scooters;
• Allow companies and users to break with standard ADA requirements on sidewalks;
• Force local governments to allow scooters wherever bicycles are allowed. 

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