Bail; Requirements to See Judge

This legislation would prevent any bail schedule or local ordinance from mandating the release of a person accused of a crime, including offenses which are violations of a local ordinance, before being brought before a judge. The legislation currently does not have any maximum time frame for holding such persons. The legislation would also change the definition of "bail" to specifically delete a reference that includes releasing a person on their own recognizance, and instead provide that bail would only include releasing a person by use of cash, professional bondsmen, or property as approved by the sheriff.

The legislation would also expand the number of offenses by which a person could not be released on their own recognizance to include all felonies, in addition to the bail restricted offenses in current law. Under this legislation, judges would have the power to release a person on their own recognizance but no such release would be allowed as a result of a written order or local ordinance establishing a uniform schedule of release. Finally, this legislation, in its current form, would prevent municipal court judges from releasing a person on an own recognizance bond who had already failed to appear to court. 

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