Appendix VI: Links to Relevant Laws and Landmark Cases

This section contains links to relevant laws (OCGA and the Georgia Constitution) as well as landmark cases that address service delivery and related issues.

Official Code of Georgia Annotated
Please use this link to access the following O.C.G.A. articles:

  • Title 36. Local Government Provisions Applicable to Counties and Municipal Corporations
    • Chapter 70. Coordinated and Comprehensive Planning and Service Delivery by Counties and Municipalities
      • Article 2. Service Delivery
  • Title 33. Insurance
    • Chapter 8. Fees and Taxes
      • Article 8.3. Funding of services, or reduction of ad valorem taxes, in unincorporated areas of counties; powers and duties of governing authority
  • Title 36. Local Government
    • Chapter 64. Recreation Systems
      • Article 2. Authority to dedicate, set apart, acquire, or lease lands or buildings for recreation; appropriation for equipment and maintenance

Georgia Constitution of 1983
Please use this link to access the following paragraphs:

  • Article IX. Counties and Municipal Corporations
    • Section II. Home Rule for Counties and Municipalities
      • Paragraph III. Supplementary powers
      • Paragraph VI. Special districts

Relevant Landmark Cases
Final Consent Order in Gwinnett County Service Delivery Strategy Dispute
City of Union Point v. Greene County

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