Plan Amendments

If your employer would like to amend your plan please contact Michelle Warner at A cost study may be required, at the expense of the employer. If your plan’s funding status is too low you may not be allowed to amend the plan. When requesting the amendment, provide both a desired effective date and desired delivery date for the amended documents.

No amendment to the plan can impair benefits that have already been accrued by a participant. Additionally, an amendment cannot violate the gratuities clause of the Georgia Constitution. All amendments are subject to prior approval by GMEBS.

Please allow for at least two months between the date of the request, following a cost study, and the delivery of the documents necessary for the amendments. During busy times this time period may be extended. Once the governing authority has adopted the amendment please mail all executed documents to Gina Gresham P.O. Box 105377, Atlanta, Georgia 30348. Once the documents have been executed on behalf of GMBES we will mail back the originals. GMEBS will not accept or execute plan documents that have been edited by the employer. If changes are required to the draft documents please contact Gina Gresham at before adoption by the governing authority.

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