Public Employment Related Crimes

If you learn that a former or current employee has been convicted of a crime that relates to his or her employment please alert GMEBS as soon as possible. State law requires GMEBS to initiate a proceeding, within 30 days of receiving notice from the employer, with the Office of State Administrative Hearings (“OSAH”) to determine the economic impact of the participant’s crime. GMEBS legal counsel will determine whether the crime is a public employment related crime that could impact benefits. In order to initiate a proceeding with OSAH, GMEBS needs the PCS to provide information about the financial impact of the employee’s crime to the employer. This can include personnel time to investigate the crime and the amount of funds that were stolen, if applicable. The State Department of Law will likely represent GMEBS during the OSAH proceeding, but the employer may need to make a representative available to testify regarding the economic impact during the proceeding.

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