Model Small Cell Ordinance and Permit Application

June 27, 2019

During the 2018 and 2019 legislative sessions GMA was deeply involved in legislation relating to small wireless facilities, also known as small cells, in the right of way. GMA helped defeat harmful legislation in 2018 but, through extensive negotiations after the 2018 legislative session, was able to reach agreement with AT&T, Verizon, and ACCG on legislation that would allow for streamlined processes concerning the installation of small cells in the right of way.

As a result of this legislation, GMA has worked with Greg Fender and Ryan Fender of Local Government Services to develop model documents that should help local governments comply with the new law. The model small cell ordinance and model small cell permit should provide a template for Georgia cities seeking to comply with state and federal law on small cells while still retaining levels of local control provided by such state and federal laws.

Local governments in the Telecommunications & Right of Way Management Program were able to receive these documents in advance and are privy to other useful documents on small cells, telecommunications, and right of way management. Additionally, local governments in that program have dedicated telecommunications and right of way specialists who can provide a number of services which could help the city save or recover money, particularly from unpaid fees. If your city is interested in learning more about the Telecommunications & Right of Way Management Program you can find more information here.

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