HB 130, Battery Operated Fences

Municipal Impact

Rep. Joseph Gullett
District 19
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Charlotte Davis, (678) 686-6291
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Municipal Powers |
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This bill would prohibit municipal governments from banning battery-powered fence detention systems, if such fences met the following requirements:

- Located on non-residential property; 

- No more than 10 ft. in height or 2 ft. higher than a non-electric perimeter fence, whichever is higher; 

- Surrounded by a non-electric perimeter fence and marked with the required signage; and

- Contains an energized power source not to exceed 12 volts.

Should an application for a fence detection system meet all these requirements, a municipal government would have to treat the application the same as other alarm systems throughout the permitting and zoning process. However, any other fencing or alternative alarm device did not meet the criteria of this legislation, it would be processed at the discretion of each municipal government. 

This bill also contains language that would provide for certain water authorities to be exempt from development impact fees. 

1/10/2022 - Assigned to Senate Committee


2/17/2021 House Vote #55 Yea - 100 Nay - 63 Not Voting - 6 Excused - 11