SB 49, Private Providers for Plan Review & Inspection

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Sen. Clint Dixon
District 45
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Charlotte Davis, (678) 686-6291
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Municipal Powers |
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This bill seeks to codify language from Governor Kemp's March 20, 2020 executive order that allows for a permit applicant to retain a private provider for plan review or inspection after the government has made a determination of completeness on the application within 5 days, regardless of whether the local government has the capacity to complete the action within the required time frames for plan review and inspections. This bill adds a definition for "qualified inspector," which would have to meet all the licensure and training requirements in law. This bill would not change any of the convenience fees owed to local governments, and local governments would retain the ability to prequalify all private providers. 

5/4/2021 - Effective Date 5/4/2021 - Act 165 5/4/2021 - Date Signed by Governor


3/29/2021 House Vote #338 Yea - 148 Nay - 15 Not Voting - 9 Excused - 8
2/11/2021 Senate Vote #34 Yea - 39 Nay - 13 Not Voting - 0 Excused - 4